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Cheers to new things!

Hannah Stacey | Published on 10/25/2022

The wind seemed to spread a whisper to me, peaking my interest in this thing called cyclocross!

Traditionally, I’m a mountain biker, (who has explored dabbled in road and gravel since COVID) Cyclocross with all this talk of the Sorella girls really got me curious, so I decided to show up and see what all the fuss was about. I happily joined under the Sorella tent in street clothes, enjoying lots of smiles, hugs, hi-fives and high-pitched voices excited for the day!

Bike talk, shop talk… Now THAT’S what I’m talking about!

My cowbell in hand, Heckler hill was definitely my favorite spot to cheer on racers! Seeing competitors sheer tenacity and strength when doing the seemingly impossible, was such an inspiration that I decided to give cyclocross a try! I told everyone I was going to register for the next race, and that I did!

A week passed by so quickly, and I spent some time in my head preparing. The day before the race, I prepped the usual things but I have to be honest… I was really nervous and my heart was racing as I was thinking about what this experience would be like!

Running with my bike ✅
Jumping over barriers ✅
Climbing ✅
Technical stuff ✅
Sprinting ✅
Cowbells ✅
Extremely high morale ✅
Support from Sorellas ✅

These are all the things I was expecting, and were definitely all the things I was able to check mark at the end of the day!

What I did not expect was that the feeling of puking on the bike during the whole race, red lining so much my vision got blurry, and the difficulty of sustaining that pace throughout the whole race! It sounds crazy… But it’s super addictive and fun!

That’s the best part about being a Sorella, you can try new things and have tons of support! Trying hard new challenging skills are so much more enjoyable with friends! I’m so thankful for all the sweet Sorella Sisters that encouraged me to try Cyclocross!!!