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Sorella Race Team p/b Hincapie

The Sorella Cycling race team is composed of women of all ages and abilities who race in a variety of disciplines: road, gravel, mountain bike, cyclocross, and track. While we primarily race in Georgia we are active in many races throughout the Southeastern US, the rest of the US including National Championships.

We have two levels of racing commitment – Veloce and Allegro. The Veloce Team members have more race experience and commit to more racing and volunteering requirements. Our Allegro Team members are usually new to racing. But no matter which team they train and race hard! Check out our team and follow them on Instagram.

Our race season runs from January though December of a given year with applications open for Sorella Club members around October/November.

Veloce Race Team – 2024

Jennifer Klein race team 2024

Jennifer Klein

Years Racing 13, Sorella 10
Road Cat 3, Gravel
Trish Albert race team 2023

Trish Albert

Years Racing 26, Sorella 14
Cyclocross, Cat 3
Track, Cat 3,
Gravel Ebike
Karen Richardson race team 2024

Karen Richardson

Years Racing 13 (recovering triathlete), Sorella 3
Road cat 3, CX cat 4
Leigh Easter race team 2023

Leigh Easter

Sorella 4
Mountain bike cat 2

Teresa Bruce 2024

Teresa Bruce

New to Sorella
MTB, Gravel
Darcy Grimes race team 2024

Darcy Grimes

Years Racing 14, Sorella 4
Cyclocross Cat 3, Mountain Bike Cat 2/Sport
Saskia Hoppe race team 2024

Saskia Hoppe

Years Racing 7, Sorella 4
Track cat 3, Road cat 3, CX 4

Christine Walkerwicz

Years Racing 12, Sorella 2
CX cat 3, MTB cat 3

Kathleen Quinn race team 2024

Kathleen Quinn

Sorella 2
Julie Gazmararian

Julie Gazmararian

Years racing: on/off since 1985
Road, Gravel

Chris Curtain race team 2024

Chris Curtain

Sorella 2

Betsy Hard race team 2024

Betsy Hard

Years racing 5, Sorella 2
Road cat 4, Gravel

Diane Schleicher 2024

Diane Schleicher

Years Racing: Current 6; 6 yrs (1980s/90s) and 4 yrs MTB (1990s/2000s)
Road cat 4
Blank Background

Karin Helfmann

Years racing: Lots until '99, new to Sorella
Road, Gravel

Blank background

Riley MacAuley

Years racing: 2, New to Sorella
Simone Yamazaki Was 2024

Simone Yamazaki Wax

New to Sorella

Loretta Simpson 2023

Loretta Simpson

Sorella lots
Mountain bike cat Expert

Katie Pothier race team 2024

Katie Pothier

Years racing 3 (recovering tri), Sorella 3
Road cat 4, CX cat 4

Allegro Race Team – 2024

Hannah Stacey

Years racing 5, Sorella 3
MTB cat 2/sport

Laura Treers

Years racing 6, new to Sorella
MTB cat 2, Gravel