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Cyclocross! Might Just Be the Greatest Bike Racing

Darcy Grimes | Published on 10/9/2021

Darcy Grimes CX
The weather is just starting to cool off, the leaves are showing their beautiful, bright colors, and the sound of cowbells and heckling are loud and clear… that can only mean one thing! Cyclocross season is here!

If you have never been to a cross race, then this is your year to make that happen! Cyclocross seasons typically starts the first weekend of October (with preseason races and practices starting as early as August) and ends in January. They are held at local parks, old golf courses, fair grounds, universities and really anywhere with some land to spare. The race course is a mix of tight turns, grass, gravel, sand pits, run up sections where you have to shoulder your bike and barriers! Pretty much imagine the race promoter walked around with a blind fold laying down course tape. That image is exactly what a cross race looks like! And here’s the kicker. Races happen in any weather condition! Sun, rain, snow, sleet. Doesn’t matter. The race will still be on! The more mud, the more fun!

Karen Richard at Grant Park Cyclocross
During the race, racers compete in different categories based on their ability for a set amount of time. Laps are around a mile and half (which makes for great spectating) and racers complete as many laps as possible in the set amount of time for their category. (Cat 5 women- 30 min, Cat 3 women- 45min, Cat 1 women- 45min). Laps are fast. And with the constant change of terrain sometimes you are on your redline for the entire race. But, races are short so you can do anything for 30-45 minutes, right?

So, if you’ve never spectated or raced a cyclocross race then you are totally missing out! Georgia CX and NCCX have races almost every weekend starting Oct 4 so go ahead and mark your calendar and we will see you at the next race!