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Sorella Cornering and Sprint Clinic

Jennifer Klein | Published on 8/8/2021

Sprinting and cornering with Saskia and Trish
Sprinting and cornering are vitally important skills for both newbies and experienced racers, and Saskia and Trish had valuable info to share! These skills not only help in racing but contribute to safe bike handling skills all around. The clinic meandered around quiet Buckhead roads first for corner practice -- tips included LOOK through the corner where you want to go, keep your inside pedal up (don’t hit it!), weight your inside hand, use your core, and take as straight a line as you can through the corner. Even if you’ve heard the tips before, it’s so helpful to dedicate some time to practice and critique. Next we practiced sprinting (including some friendly competition) on some of the only straightaways in Buckhead, Jett Rd and Valley Drive. We learned that high CADENCE is key to successful sprinting, along with using your hands on the bar for a powerful pull, and keeping your body still (the bike can move back and forth a bit, but not you!) Don’t miss these clinics -- we have so much talent in our club, so take advantage of it.